Registration page

You are connecting to the Wifibri network for the first time? You don't have an account yet? You can create one in a matter of seconds. If you already received an activation code from your landlord you can start the registration at: https://admin.wifibri.be/register.
windows XP, Vista or 7users should connect to the Wifibri-Public network and download this file. More info below.


Complete your profile

Once the system accepts your activation code it will ask for some or your details. We need these details in order to give you a great support when you need it.


Registered successfully?

Once you have finished the registration you will receive a confirmation email. (You didn't receive an email? Check your spam folder).


Verify your account

Open the email and click the button saying Verify E-mail Address.


Log in

Your account has been activated, you can now surf safe and unlimited by connecting to the Wifibri network in stead of the Wifibr-Public network. Once connected you will see a login page, please fill in your email address and matching password. You can now surf fast and safe.


Windows XP, Vista or 7 user?

Please download this file first while connected to the Wifibri-Public network. Run the file and press the button 'Connect'.
This only has to be done once. The file adds the certificate which older operating systems don't do by default.

Having problems?

If you are having problems and you need support you can send us an email: helpdesk@wifibri.be or call us on monday - saturday from 09:00 until 22:00: +32(0)9 222 89 62.